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About Eric

Eric Tonningsen, Life Coach

Working collaboratively, I help my clients get excited about WHO we are, WHAT we are, and most importantly, WHAT CAN STILL BE.

With confidence and uncompromising trust, I build partnerships that:

  • Challenge people to take positive action; celebrating their accomplishments.
  • Illuminate the process of exploring, becoming aware and getting excited about progress.
  • Allow you to become inspired.

Not surprisingly then, I enjoy working with individuals who are committed to improving their lives.  As a Life Coach, I have a unique ability to connect with people and situations and quickly get to the “heart of the matter.”  My communication style is direct, yet with humor, compassion, and what it takes to stimulate people in transition.

An advocate of self-belief, I respect that each of us has the power to think, feel and act in ways that help us be the person we are here to be.  I “get it” that individuals, teams, and companies have dreams.  I also appreciate the difference between “doing” and “being.”  As a coach, I:

  • Encourage individuals to embrace creativity, value optimism, and move forward.
  • Re-inspire people to do more with what they are great at doing.
  • Support people who are ready to overcome obstacles and challenges to create truly rewarding life experiences.
  • Help clients navigate solution development and task implementation. 

Becoming a coach was not a decision; it was a discovery.  For over two decades, I have coached top managers.  A former Corporate Vice President, I have been responsible for multi-faceted teams supporting Fortune 500 companies.  My customers were from multiple industries including the Federal Government, telecommunications, banking and diversified financial services.

Retrospectively, it was cumulative exposure to success-oriented people, driven at any cost, that allowed me to realize the only thing standing between me and my dreams were roadblocks I put there myself.  I became defined by the corporate world and all of its expectations, rather than who I really am.  Put simply, I lost my “true” self.  My own journey through these roadblocks opened up a vista of possibilities that I didn’t even know existed.  What I learned and now eagerly share with clients is that I coach because I love to help clear the way for others and make a difference in people’s lives.

In a more traditional capacity, I coached swim teams for several years.  A responsible and humbling experience, I relished this role.  Little can be more rewarding than watching others set goals and achieve personal bests.  Looking back at those “on-deck” motivator days, I knew I would eventually coach as a profession.

International Coach FederationA graduate of Coach University (the leading global provider of coach training programs) and a member of the International Coach Federation, I have a B.S. Degree in Economics and Finance, and a MBA.  Great business knowledge and a gift of helping individuals, enables me to guide clients to breakthroughs. 

The best way to get a sense of the power of working with a professional Life Coach, is to meet me in a complimentary coaching session. 

Contact me at and discover WHAT CAN STILL BE FOR YOU.

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